Rescue of the 1856 Handcart Company

By Rebecca Bartholomew and Leonard J. Arrington

Rescue of the 1856 Handcart Companies tells the story of two companies of Utah-bound immigrant who became bogged down in early winter snows in Wyoming. Brigham Young dispatched search parties who gathered survivors together and trudged through the mounting snow drifts the remaining distance to Salt Lake City. 

Rebecca Bartholomew is a graduate of the University of Utah and a former history instructor at Salt Lake Community College. She is also the author of Audacious Women: Early British Mormon Immigrants, Brigham Young's Forest Farm Home, and Lost Heroines: Little Known Women who Changed Their World. She has recently launched her own imprint, Uintah Springs Press. 

Leonard J. Arrington, former Church Historian of the LDS Church is the Lemuel H. Redd Professor Emeritus of Western History and the former director of the Joseph Fielding Smith Institute for Church History at Brigham Young University. He is the author of eleven books, including the award-winning Great Basin Kingdom: An Economic History of the Latter-day Saints, and Saints Without Halos: The Human Side of Mormon History; and he has written as many monographs, as well as contributing to such works as Faithful History Essays on Writing Mormon History, and The New Mormon History: Revisionist Essays on the Past.