Western American Studies Minor

The Western American Studies Minor and the Redd Center

In 1997 the Charles Redd Center developed a western studies minor to promote the study of the West at BYU. The minor is currently administered by the American Studies Program and the College of Humanities Advisement Center. The Redd Center works with the American Studies Program with internships and other programs.

Why declare a Western American Studies Minor?

As undergraduates, students focus on one discipline. In the "real world," however, research often crosses those artificial discipline boundaries. This minor gives a case study of many ways to study the American West. Those interested in graduate studies or jobs relating to the West will find the cross-disciplinary approach helpful. Those interested in other regional studies can learn the techniques for the region in which they currently reside.

Program Requirements 

For program requirements, please visit catalog.byu.edu/humanities/american-studies-program/western-american-studies-minor