William Howard and Hazel Butler Peters

Hazel Butler, the fifth child of John Topham and Susan Elizabeth Redd Butler, was born in 1912 in Douglas, Arizona. Two years later the family moved to Lehia, Arizona. She attended school in Arizona and graduated from the Arizona State Teachers College in Education in 1934. She taught school in Mesa, Arizona. Hazel met William Howard Peters in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1941. Howard graduated in Business Administration from Stanford University and had volunteered for military service. He attended officer training school and then served on the Pacific Front for thirty months. When he returned in 1945, he and Hazel married in Pasadena, California. The Peters had two children who grew up in Glendale, California. Hazel was active in community and LDS Church activities. Howard served as a city council member and mayor of Glendale in the 1960s. Howard passed away in 1981. After her husband's death, Hazel traveled and won ballroom dancing competitions. Both Howard and Hazel requested that half their gift of property be given to the Redd Center and her parents' endowment. Hazel passed away in 1995.