Shelley Fishkin - Seeing Absence, Listening to Silence

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Seeing Absence, Listening to Silence: The Challenge of Reconstructing Chinese Railroad Workers' Lives
Shelley Fishkin
Joseph S. Atha Professor in the Humanities and Professor of English, Stanford University 


Between 1865 and 1869, thousands of Chinese migrants toiled at a grueling pace and in perilous working conditions to help construct the first transcontinental railroad across the United States. The railroad could not have been completed without them - but they left no written records. This talk will probe current efforts to recover their experience in the absence of written documents from the workers themselves. This event is being hosted together with the BYU Department of English.


Free and open to the public. Also live streaming at 

Facebook Event Page here

February 26, 2016
2:00 PM
B192 JFSB (Education in Zion Auditorium)


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