2022 Award Recipients

2022 BYU Charles Redd Center Award and Funding Recipients

Notification and instruction emails will be sent out to all applicants with specifics by May 6


Annaley Naegle Redd Assistantship

Clifton Farnsworth, Civil and Construction Engineering, Brigham Young University, “Comparison of Infrastructure Asset Management Processes for Rural and Urban Populations in Utah”

Paul Frandsen, Plant and Wildlife Sciences, Brigham Young University, “Evaluating the Effect of Megafires in the West Using Environmental DNA”

Rollin H. Hotchkiss, Civil and Construction Engineering, Brigham Young University, “Assessing Dangers at Low-Head Dams in the American West”

Randy Larsen, Plant and Wildlife Sciences, Brigham Young University, “Mountain Lions (Puma concolor), Recreation, and the Wildland–Urban Interface: Improving Conservation of an Iconic Species Native to the West—Year 2”

Reily C. Nelson, Biology, Brigham Young University, “Western Assassin Flies (Insecta: Diptera: Asilidae): Revision of the Genus Proctacanthus in the New World, with Special Reference to the Philadelphicus Species Group”

Steven L. Petersen, Plant and Wildlife Sciences, Brigham Young University, “The Response of Great Basin Bristlecone Pine to a Changing Climate”

Tom Smith, Plant and Wildlife Sciences, Brigham Young University, “Can the Identification of Novel Scents Improve the Census and Management of Carnivores of the Intermountain West?”


Annaley Naegle Redd Student Award in Women’s History

Chrissy Carlson, History, University of Central Oklahoma, “Beyond the Homestead: How Western Women Leveraged Commercial, Business, and Social Power into National Suffrage, 1870–1920”

Millie Tullis, English, Utah State University, “The Legacy of Utah Peepstone Women in Family Histories”


Charles Redd Fellowship Award in Western American History

Donna Doan Anderson, History, University of California, Santa Barbara, “America is in the Heartland: Land Policy, Immigration, and Rural Asian America from 1860 to 1950”

Evan Bonney, History, Sciences Po Paris, “Forests and Power in the United States Empire, 1891–1914”

Austin Clements, History, Stanford University, “Religious Origins of American Anticommunism”

Robert McMicken, History, University of Arizona, “‘Arizona is our Persia:’  Regional Boosters and Cultural Diversity in the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth-Century American Southwest”

Kristen Phipps, History, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, “Slaveries and the Old Spanish Trail”


Clarence Dixon Taylor Research Grant

Alyssa Russell, History, Duke University, “Economic Development at What Cost? The Fantus Company, Financial Subsidies, and Working-Class Communities, 1919–1999”


Independent Research and Creative Works Award

Jennifer Champoux, “C. C. A. Christensen: Pioneer Artist”

John Dinger, “Idaho Territory and the End of Mormon Polygamy”

George R. Matthews, “Billy the Kid, Thomas Catron and the Santa Fe Ring”

Zak Podmore, “Glen Canyon Rises: The Death of Lake Powell and the Rebirth of the Colorado River”

Samantha M Williams, “In their Own Words:  Student Writings at the Stewart Indian School, 1890–1980”


Interdisciplinary Research Grant

Keely Song Glenn (Dance), Ben Abbott (Ecology), and Luke Gibson (Design), Brigham Young University, “Within the Lake”


John Topham and Susan Redd Butler BYU Faculty Award

Janalee Emmer, Museum of Art, Brigham Young University, “Maynard Dixon—Searching for a Home: Painted and Poetic Imagination in the American West”

Erika Feinauer, Teacher Education, Brigham Young University, “Ethnic identity and School Belonging for Pacific Islander High School Students in Utah”

Fred E. Woods, Church History and Doctrine, Brigham Young University, “Saints by State Website”


John Topham and Susan Redd Butler Off-Campus Faculty Award

Andrew J Gulliford, History, Fort Lewis College, “Great Landscapes of the American West: BLM's National Conservation Lands”

Fumi Arakawa, Anthropology, New Mexico State University, “Coal Bed Village Excavation in Montezuma Canyon of the Southeast Utah”

John Dwight Hines, Literary Arts and Social Justice, Point Park University, “Rural/Small-Town Gentrification in COVID Times”

Sojung Lim, Sociology and Anthropology, Utah State University, “Gender Inequality in Higher Education in Utah”

Clayton Whitesides, Anthropology and Geography, Coastal Carolina University, “Long-Term Monitoring of Musk Thistle (Carduus nutans) on the Wasatch Plateau of Central Utah”


Public Programming Award

Better Days, “Utah Women Making History Event”

Hal Crimmel, “Utah's Air Quality Issues: Problems and Solutions”

Journal of Mormon History, “Journal of Mormon History Book Review Editor/Copy Editor”

Marissa Ortega-Welch, “Reimagining Wilderness Podcast”

Montana Historical Society, “Montana History Conference”

Mormon History Association, “Welcoming Reception, Art Exhibit and Concert for Annual Mormon History Association Conference”

Rocky Mountain American Religion Seminar, “Rocky Mountain American Religion Seminar: Indigenous Religions Series”

Springville Museum of Art, “Utah Art at Mid-Century Exhibition”

Utah Humanities, “The Charles Redd Center for Western Studies Author”

Utah State University MESAS Program, “Intermountain Memories: Boarding School Music and Stories”

Western Literature Association, “2022 Western Literature Association Conference: Palimpsests and Western Literatures”

Workshop on Indigenous Perspectives on the Meaning, “Reflections on Scholarship and Indigenous Studies on the Meanings of ‘Lamanite’”

Wyoming State Museum, “Education Trunks with the Wyoming State Museum”


Research Award for BYU Upper Division and Graduate Students

Isabella Marie Errigo, Pland and Wildlife Sciences, Brigham Young University, “Moving beyond Morphology: Using DNA Metabarcoding to Better Understand Biodiversity Change”

Teagan Mulford, Biology, Brigham Young University, “Taxonomy and Phylogenetics of the Robber Fly Genus Proctacanthus (Insecta: Diptera: Asilidae): Inhabitants of Sand Dunes in Western North America”

Hanna Seariac, Comparative Studies, Brigham Young University, “Magical Mormon Women”

Joseph Andan Sheppard, School of Family Life, Brigham Young University, “Project M.E.D.I.A.; Specific study: ‘Where Did You Learn that?’: Media’s Socialization of Children and Families”

John Paul Szabo, Design and Photography, Brigham Young University, “111th Meridian West: A Photographic Exploration”


Research Award for Off-Campus Upper Division and Graduate Students

Sophie S. Alves, Mexican American Studies, University of Arizona, “A Wall of Silence: Denaturalizing Anti-Immigrant Discourses  about Mexican Immigrant Women and their Babies”

Shelby Byerly, Biology, Northern Arizona University, “Juniper Dieback in Northern Arizona”

Hailey Doucette, History, Colorado State University, “Created by Copper: Superior, Arizona’s Connection to the Mining Industry”

Paige Figanbaum, History, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, “Competing Desert Landscapes: The Relationships between Environmental Perception, the Nevada Tourism Industry, and Land Management”

Matt Green, History, University of Utah, “The Culture & Commerce of Risk in Backcountry Skiing”

Edward Hill, Forest and Rangeland Stewardship, Colorado State University, “Live and Dead Canopy Effects on Juvenile Pinyon Pine Vigor across Tree Sizes”

William C Holly, History, Arizona State University, “‘For the Benefit of the Mountain’: Legal and Cultural Conflicts over Development on Arizona’s San Francisco Peaks, 1968–1978”

Jaime Jacobsen, Anthropology, Montana State University, “Towards Transnationalism: Exploring Venezuelan Immigration in the Intermountain West through Co-created Documentary”

Kyle Kittelberger, Biological Sciences, University of Utah, “Population Dynamics, Community Ecology, and Phenology of Migratory Birds in Southeastern Utah”

Mark Kreider, Forest Management, University of Montana, “Effects of Immediate Post-Fire Climate on Longer-Term Forest Development Trajectories”

Mary Ludwig, History, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, “Incarcerated Nations: Removal and Confinement on Indigenous Lands: Indian Policy, Internment, and Incarceration on the Colorado River Indian Reservation, 1865–1952”

Kimberly Sheets, History, Washington State University, “The Social Lives of Animals: Elucidating Social Identity from Zooarchaeological Deposits in the Homol'ovi Settlement Cluster, Northeastern Arizona”

Bonnie Swenson, English, Utah State University, “No One Died?: Uncovering the Voices of the Women of the Hole-in-the-Rock Expedition”

Brian Wright, History, Princeton University, “Conquest on Paper: Archives and the American West”


Visiting Fellows

Ryan A. Davis, Hispanic Studies, Illinois State University, Winter 2023


Butler Young Scholar Award

Benjamin Abbott, Plant and Wildlife Sciences, 2022–2025





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