2021 Award Recipients

2021 BYU Charles Redd Center Award and Funding Recipients

Notification and instruction emails will be sent out to all applicants with specifics by May 7


Annaley Naegle Redd Assistantship

Phil S. Allen, Plant and Wildlife Sciences, Brigham Young University, “Sub-alpine Wildflower Meadows as a Template for Water-Conserving Landscape Design”

Richard A. Gill, Biology, Brigham Young University, “Biocrust Controls over Regional Carbon Cycling on the Colorado Plateau”

Randy Larsen, Plant and Wildlife Sciences, Brigham Young University, “Mountain Lions (Puma concolor), Human Recreation, and the Wildland-Urban Interface: Improving Conservation of an Iconic Species Native to the West”

Riley Nelson, Biology, Brigham Young University, “The Bee-Killers: Taxonomy and Phylogenetics of the Robber Fly Genus Proctacanthus (Insecta: Diptera: Asilidae) with Special Reference to Those of Western North America”

Sam St. Clair, Plant and Wildlife Sciences, Brigham Young University, “Wildfire and Drought Impacts on Plant Invasions in the Western United States”


Annaley Naegle Redd Student Award in Women’s History

Amy Griffin, Interdisciplinary (Communications), Brigham Young University, “The Impact of Female Role Models in Television Media on the Perceived Electability of Women”

Emily Larsen, History, University of Utah, “Artistic Frontiers: Women and the Making of the Utah Art Scene, 1880–1950”


Charles Redd Fellowship Award in Western American History

David R M Beck, Native American Studies, University of Montana, “‘Bribed with Our Own Money,’ Federal Misuse of Tribal Funds in the Termination Era”

Caroline Johnston, History, Vanderbilt University, “Land Rights and Anti-Statist Coalitions Developed in the West”

Gwendolyn Lockman, History, University of Texas at Austin, “Recreation and Reclamation: Parks, Mining, and Land Use in Butte, Montana”

Kelsey Jennings Roggensack, History, University of Exeter, “Migration and Tradition in the African American West, 1880–1930”


Clarence Dixon Taylor Research Grant

Makayla Reid, Humanities, Pennsylvania State University, “The Faunal Remains of Camp Floyd, Fairfield Utah an Archaeological View into Historical Military Provisioning”


Independent Research and Creative Works Award

Nancy Ford, “UW Wool Laboratory, 1907–2012”

Tim Graham, “La Sal Mountain Alpine Arthropod Communities: Establishing Baseline Conditions”

Abraham Profitt, “Overuse in the Uncompahgre: Recreation Impacts and Visitor Perception in the Uncompahgre National Forest”


Interdisciplinary Research Grant

Richard Davis, Political Sciences, Brigham Young University; Leslie Hadfield, History, Brigham Young University; Dainan Skeem, Special Collections, Brigham Young University; “Latter Day Saint Faith and Politics Oral Interview Project”

Bryan G. Hopkins, Plant and Wildlife Sciences, Brigham Young University; Ruth Kerry, Geography, Brigham Young University; Philip Lundgren, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Brigham Young University; “Water Conservation: Spatio-Temporal Analysis and Variable Rate Irrigation in the Urban Environment”


John Topham and Susan Redd Butler BYU Faculty Award

Richard Davis, Political Science, Brigham Young University, “Biography of Senator Harry Reid”

Jenny Hale Pulsipher, History, Brigham Young University, “Tracing and Contextualizing the African-American Ancestry of Capt. James Brown”

Joey Stanley, Linguistics, Brigham Young University, “The Development of Utah English in Heber City”


John Topham and Susan Redd Butler Off-Campus Faculty Award

Katherine Benton-Cohen, History, Georgetown University, “Copper Money: The Phelps Dodge Family Empire”

Josh Clough, Native American Studies, University of Oklahoma, “Miss Indian America Contestants in Their Own Words”

John Hines, Social Justice Studies, Point Park University, “Rural Gentrification and the Persistence of Traditional Agriculture in the New West”

Sandra Mathews, History, Nebraska Wesleyan University, “Indigenous Land and Sovereignty: Confronting Settler-Colonialism of Spain, Mexico, and the US in New Mexico, 1680–1870”

Amanda Stasiewicz, Environmental Studies, San Jose State University, “Exploring Local Fire Department Capacity to Deal with Wildfire Events—Enhancing Rural Community’s Abilities to Adapt to Exacerbating Wildfire Risk”

Erin Stiles; Anthropology; University of Nevada, Reno; “The Devil Sat on My Bed: The Spirit World and Moral Worth in a Latter-day Saint Community in Utah”


Public Programming Award

Boise Art Museum, “Many Wests: Artists Shape an American Idea”

High Desert Museum, “Leslie Marmon Silko Lecture and Discussion”

John Hardison Redd and Elizabeth Hancock Family Organization, “Spanish Fork Historical Road Tour—Highlighting the History of The John H. Redd Household”

Mormon History Association, Journal of Mormon History

Nevada Humanities, “Nevada Reads 2021: Cultivating Environmental Literacy”

Pathways For American Indians Through Higher Education, “Hopi Language Revitalization Lecture”

Rocky Mountain American Religion Seminar, “Teaching Hard Histories: Race, Religion, and Colonialism in Utah”

Springville Museum of Art, “Reinterpreting Cyrus Dallin’s ‘Massasoit’”

The Center for Public Lands, “The Co-Management of Ancestral, Public Lands Field School at Bears Ears National Monument”

This Is Her Place podcast, “This Is Her Place podcast—Season 2”

Utah Humanities Council, “The Charles Redd Center for Western Studies Author”


Summer Award for BYU Upper Division and Graduate Students

Alyssa Joy Brown, Plant and Wildlife Sciences, Brigham Young University, “A New Native: Natural Hybrid Species of Balsamorhiza sagittata and Balsamorhiza hookeri var. hispidula”

Doreen Cabrera, Biology, Brigham Young University, “Linking Among-Individual Variation in Behavior to Consistent Variation in Physiology in a Non-Native Crayfish”

Otto De Groff, Wildlife and Wildland Conservation, Brigham Young University, “Post-Fire Competition in Mixed Bristlecone Pine Forests in Nevada and Utah”

Makoto Hunter, History, Brigham Young University, “The Other Dixie: Confederate Imagery in Southern Utah and the ‘Secessions’ of 1987 and 1988”

Cody Miller, Plant and Wildlife Sciences, Brigham Young University, “A Comprehensive Database of Bear–Human Conflicts in North America”

Naomi M Mortensen, Sociology, Brigham Young University, “Is Trauma-Informed Training for Frontline Workers a Solution to the Overuse of R&S in Utah Youth Residential Treatment Centers?”


Summer Award for Off-Campus Upper Division and Graduate Students

Jacey Anderson, History and Philosophy, Montana State University, “Water Over Gold: Grassroots Environmentalism in Rural Montana”

Rose Ashley, History and Philosophy, Montana State University, “Exploring Ideas of Disability and Wilderness: Yellowstone as America’s Best, Able-Bodied Idea”

Matthew Barnett; Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology; Utah State University; “Uranium Development in the Four Corners Region of the United States: Highlighting Environmental and Economic Concerns”

Connor Crouch, School of Forestry, Norther Arizona University, “Aspen Decline in Arizona: What is Preventing Successful Regeneration and Recruitment?”

Erik J Freeman, History, University of Connecticut, “The Mormon International: Communitarian Politics and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1830–1890”

Christine Garnier, History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University, “Currency in Translation, Systems of Performance: Ben Wittick’s Portrait of Jake the Silversmith, 1881–1895”

Kyle Kittelberger, Biology, University of Utah, “Population Dynamics, Community Ecology, and Phenology of Migratory Birds in Southeastern Utah”

Amorina Lee-Martinez, Environmental Studies, University of Colorado–Boulder, “What's Beneath the Surface Tension?: Watershed management and changing populations in Montezuma County, Colorado”

Kathryn McLain, History, Montana State University, “The Richest Hills and the Highest Highs: Breaking Down Boom Towns in the American West”

Casey Pallister, History, Montana State University, “‘This Class of Unfortunates’: A History of Eugenics in Montana”

Steve Petersen, History, Montana State University, “Mormon Geopiety: An Environmental History of the Mormon Trail”

Jeff Turner, History, University of Utah, “Polygamy and the Afterlives of the 1891 Immigration Act”

Jared Whear, Geography and the Environment, Syracuse University, “The Legal and Environmental Geographies of Logistics”

Leah White; Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Ecology; New Mexico State University; “Influence of Wildfire and Forest Management on Large Mammal Distribution, Habitat Use, and Co-Occurrence in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico”


Butler Young Scholar Award

David-James Gonzales, History, 2021–2024


Visiting Fellows

Sheila Nadimi, Visual Arts, John Abbott College

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