2020 Award Recipients

 2020 Charles Redd Center Award Recipients

Notification and instruction emails will be sent out to all applicants with specifics.


Annaley Naegle Redd Assistantship

John Bennion, English, Brigham Young University, “The Chemerical Desert (The Communitarian Poetry of Esther Ann Birch Bennion; Education in Rural Utah: Jeanette Sharp Bennion and Home School; Adaptation of an Easterner: Sergene Benson Bennion)”

David B. Magleby, Political Science, Brigham Young University, “Utah Public Opinion and Voting Behavior Over 60 Years”


Annaley Naegle Redd Student Award in Women’s History

Allison Foster, Comparative Arts and Letters, Brigham Young University, “Cultural Appreciation and Appropriation in the Grand Canyon: Mary Colter's Desertview Watchtower”


Charles Redd Fellowship Award in Western American History

Erik J. Freeman, History, University of Connecticut, “The Mormon International: Communitarian Politics and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 1830–1890”

Allison Kelley, History, University of Virginia, “High on the Mountaintop a Banner is Unfurled: Capitalism, Community, and Latter-day Saints' Twentieth-Century Economic Vision”

Farina King, History, Northeastern State University, “Miss Indian BYU Through Generations”

Samuel Lopez-Alcala, World Languages and Literature, University of Nevada–Reno, “Interpreters of the Intermountain West: An Essential Piece of American Western History”

Lauren Perry, English Languages and Literature, University of New Mexico, “Animal Texts: American Environmental Literature's Intervention into Understanding Animals”


Clarence Dixon Taylor Research Grant

Heather C. Walser, History, Pennsylvania State University, “Amnesty's Origins: Peace, Federal Power, and the Public Good in the Long Civil War Era”


Independent Research and Creative Works Award

Tim B. Graham, “La Sal Mountain Alpine Arthropod Communities: Establishing Baseline Conditions”

Amy Horn, “Identify Archaeological Sites Excavated by 1929 Seventh Bernheimer Expedition”

George R. Matthews, “Billy the Kid, Thomas Catron, and the Santa Fe Ring”


Interdisciplinary Research Grant

John Murphy, L. Tom Perry Special Collections, Brigham Young University; Christine Blythe, William A. Wilson Folklore Archives, Brigham Young University; and Ignacio Garcia, History, Brigham Young University; “Utah County Ethnic Restaurants and Histories Project”


John Topham and Susan Redd Butler BYU Faculty Award

Heather Belnap, Comparative Arts & Letters, Brigham Young University, “Artistic Frontiers: Women and the Making of the Utah Art Scene, 1880–1950”

Christopher F. Karpowitz, Political Science, Brigham Young University, “Western States 2020 Survey”

Michael Searcy, Anthropology, Brigham Young University, “Archaeological Testing at the Hinckley Mounds: A Fremont Indian Site in West Provo, Utah”

Fred Woods, Church History and Doctrine, Brigham Young University, “Saints of Las Vegas”


John Topham and Susan Redd Butler Off-Campus Faculty Award

Dylan McDonald, Library Archives and Special Collections, New Mexico State University, “The Teton Dam, Forty Years in the Making”

Laurie Mercier, History, Washington State University—Vancouver, “Remembering the Northern West: Women’s Oral History Narratives about Place, Work, and Family”

Bob H. Reinhardt, History, Boise State University, “The Atlas of Drowned Towns: The Snake River”


Public Programming Award

Better Days 2020, “Hard Won, Not Done Public Program”

Mormon History Association, "Journal of Mormon History initiative"

Northern Arizona University, “Biennial Conference: Voices for the American Southwest”

Sites Set for Knowledge, “Art History Tour of BYU and Provo”

Springville Museum of Art, “Grand Ambitions in Utah Art Exhibition”

Utah Museum of Fine Arts at the University of Utah, “2020 Spiral Jetty 50th Anniversary Celebration”

Western Historical Association, "2020 Annual Meeting. Public History Reception"

Western Literature Association, “2020 Western Literature Association Conference, San Diego, CA”


Summer Award for BYU Upper Division and Graduate Students

Stephanie Lambert, Anthropology, Brigham Young University, “Defining Utah Valley Fremont Rituals for the Closing of Houses and Communal Buildings”

Adam Norris, Plant and Wildlife Sciences, Brigham Young University, “Megafire Effects on Stream Nutrient Dynamics”

Peter Searle, Biology, Brigham Young University, “Comparative Analysis of Morphometric and Gene-Expression Patterns in larval June Sucker and Utah Sucker”

Travis Sowards, Wildlife and Wildlands Conservation, Brigham Young University, “Increasing Rangeland Restoration Success Using Target Fungicide Seed Coatings”


Summer Award for Off-Campus Upper Division and Graduate Students

Kerri Keller Clement, History, University of Colorado–Boulder, “Wonderland’s Festering Wound: Indigenous Peoples, Animals, and Brucellosis in Twentieth-Century Yellowstone and Montana Borderlands”

Katryn Davis, Anthropology, University of Nevada–Reno, “Piety and Power in America's Zion: Mormon Fundamentalism, Separatism, and Integration”

Neil Dodge, History, University of Nevada–Las Vegas, “Reimagined People: Captives as Beloved Kin, 1846–1868”

Alexander Finkelstein, History, University of Oklahoma, “Prison Valley, USA: The Making of a Carceral Capital”

Riley Finnegan, Geology and Geophysics, University of Utah, “Spectral Amplification and the Seismic Response of Rock Arches”

Dana A. Freiburger, History, University of Wisconsin–Madison, “Early Science Education at St. Mary's Academy in Salt Lake City, 1875–1900”

Korina Ike, History, University of Wyoming, “Brucellosis in the Greater Yellowstone Area, 1872–1997”

Mark Kreider, Wildland Resources, Utah State University, “A Systematic Test of the Prevalence of Quaking Aspen Seedling Regeneration”

Spencer Lambert, Anthropology, Southern Methodist University, “The Evidence for Communal Feasting by the Fremont of Wolf Village”

Megan Plummer, Anthropology, Washington State University, “Turquoise: Trade, Procurement, and Value in the Fremont and Puebloan Southwest”

Katie Richards, Anthropology, Washington State University, “A Multi-Scalar Approach to Understanding Fremont through Painted Ceramic Production and Exchange from A.D. 1000–1350”

Jacob Swisher, History, Colorado State University, “A Climate of Crisis and Opportunity: Violence, Native Sovereignty, and the Mid-Nineteenth-Century Dry Period in the New Mexico Borderlands”

Matthew Swoboda, History, University of Wyoming, “Beyond Furs and Guns: The Material Culture of Native American Trade on the Northern Plains, 1730–1890”

Charlotte Hansen Terry, History, University of California–Davis, “Becoming American: Mormons and Religious Imperialism in the American West and Pacific”

Jamela Thompson, Natural Resources, Utah State University, “Fuel Treatment Effects on Wildfire Outcomes in Utah”

Derek Uhey; Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences; Northern Arizona University; “Grazing Effects on Harvester Ant Nest Vegetation”


Butler Young Scholar Award

Mike Taylor, English, 2020-2022 Young Scholar


Visiting Fellows

Program suspended for 2020-21


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