2018 Award, Grant, and Fellowship Winners Announcement

See who was awarded funding from the Redd Center. Congratulations to all of the winners!

 2018 Charles Redd Center Award Recipients

Notification and instruction letters will be sent out to all applicants on May 1 with specifics.


Annaley Naegle Redd Assistantship

Matthew Bekker, Geography. “Improving water resource management and forecasting in the Intermountain West using tree rings”

Craig Coleman, Plant and Wildlife Sciences. “Towards the Development of a Fungal Bioweapon in the War on Cheatgrass”

Steven Petersen, Plant and Wildlife Sciences. “Use of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) to Assess Forest Dynamics in Montane Island Ecosystems of the Great Basin and Colorado Plateau Ecoregions”


Annaley Naegle Redd Student Award in Women’s History

Cheryl McKell, English, Arizona State University. “From the Mouth of a Pioneering Dean of Women: Evelyn Jones Kirmse’s Academic Contributions and Advocacy in Writing Women’s Place on the College Campus”


Charles Redd Fellowship Award in Western American History

Daniel J. Burge, HIstory, University of Alabama. “A Struggle Against Fate: The Opponents of Manifest Destiny and the Collapse of the Continental Dream, 1846-1871”

Cathleen D. Cahill, History, Penn State University. “Joining the Parade: Women of Color Challenge the Mainstream Suffrage Movement”

Reilly Ben Hatch, History, University of New Mexico. “‘Because of His Wild Blood’: Race, the Frontier, and American Imagination in the Bluff and Posey Wars”

Israel Garcia Solares, Center of Historical Studies, El Colegio de México. “United States Company. Contracts, blueprints and scripts of a Multinational Corporation, 1906–1946”

Nathaniel Wiewora, History and Political Science, Harding University. “‘Punishment for the Sins of Christendom’: The Antebellum Evangelical Reaction to Mormonism”


Independent Research and Creative Works Award

Matthew C. Godfrey “‘Much Suffering Among Mexicans’: The Plight of Sugar Beet Laborers in Blackfoot, Idaho, 1918–1919”

Paul Jensen “Last Rides of Cowboys, Indians, Generals, and Chiefs”

Marinella Lentis “Art before the Studio: drawing and painting at Santa Fe Indian School, 1890–1928”

George R. Matthews “Billy the Kid, Thomas Catron and the Santa Fe Ring”


John Topham and Susan Redd Butler BYU Faculty Award

Jay H. Buckely, History. “The Fort Bridger Military Reservation and the Fort Bridger Treaties of 1863 and 1868”

David Laraway, Spanish and Portuguese. “From the Basque Etxea to the Nevada Governor’s Mansion: Robert Laxalt and the Rhetorical Construction of a Basque-American Imaginary”

Peter Leman, English. “The Skull of Mangas Coloradas”

Lindsay Adamson Livingston, Theater and Media Arts. “Performing Gun Culture in Tombstone, AZ”

Brent Nielsen, Microbiology and Molecular Biology. “Salt-tolerant bacteria isolated from Utah halophytes that stimulate alfalfa growth in salty soil”

Charles W. Nuckolls, Anthropology. “The Meeker Massacre: Utopia and Mass Murder in the American West”


John Topham and Susan Redd Butler Off-Campus Faculty Award

Michael A. Amundson, History, Northern Arizona University. “On the Trail of Clyde A. McCoy in Utah’s National Parks: Rephotographing 1940 color stereo images in Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks”

Tamsen Hert, Emmett D. Chisum Special Collections, University of Wyoming Libraries. “Rustic Luxury: Hotels, Lodges and Camps in Yellowstone National Park”

Mark T. Johnson, Institute for Educational Initiatives, University of Notre Dame. “The Middle Kingdom in the Big Sky: A History of the Chinese Experience in Montana”

Patti Loughlin, History and Geography, University of Central Oklahoma. “Elizabeth Shepley Sergeant and the Origins of the Indian Arts Fund in Santa Fe, 1922-1935”

Danielle Taschereau Mamers, Political Science and Jackmman Humanities Institute, University of Toronto. ““The Last Buffalo Chase in America”: Bison Extermination, Early Conservation, and the Transformation of the West”

Erin E. Stiles, Anthropology, University of Nevada, Reno. “Conceptions of the Spirit World and Morality in a Mormon Community in Utah”

David D. Vail, History, University of Nebraska at Kearney. “Hazardous Waters and Dry Lands: Environmental Risks and Emergency Science in the Rural West”


Public Programming Award

BYU’s Museum of Peoples and Cultures “Great Basin Culture Case Refurbish”

High Desert Museum “Water in the West”

KZMU “Science Moab”

Northern Arizona University Merriam Powell Center “15th Biennial Conference of Science and Management for the Colorado Plateau and SW”

Salt Lake Arts Council Foundation “2018 Living Traditions Festival”

Utah Humanities “The Charles Redd Center for Western Studies Author”

Western Literature Association “WLA 2018 Conference: Indigenous Hubs, Gateway Cities, Border States”

Wyoming State Museum “Yellowstone Wagon Exhibit”


Summer Award for BYU Upper Division and Graduate Students

Thomas Bates, Plant and Wildlife Sciences. “Impacts of cattle grazing on the endangered Wright fishhook cactus”

Morgan Hansen, Biology. “Winter Active Coleoptera in the Sevier Desert”

Spencer Lambert, Anthropology. “Identifying the ‘Local’: The Practicality of Strontium Isotope Analysis in Fremont Research”

Travis Sowards, Plant and Wildlife Sciences. “Use of Plant Hormones in Seed Coatings to Manipulate Germination Timing and Increase Restoration Success of Pseudoroegneria spicata, Across the Great Basin Desert”

Tyson Terry, Plant and Wildlife Sciences. “Seedling Response of Common Rangeland Plants to Historic Changes in Climate”

Nicholas Val Anderson, Plant and Wildlife Sciences. “Effects of commercial honeybee introduction on native alpine pollinators and vegetation”

Trevor J. Williams, Biology. “Predictability of Evolution in Introduced Populations of Utah Chub: Implications for Conservation and Management”


Summer Award for Off-Campus Upper Division and Graduate Students

Jada Ach, English, University of South Carolina. “Where Energy Lives: Locating a Nuclear Archive in the Sand”

Nicholas Barron, Anthropology, University of New Mexico. “Assembling New Pascua, Applying Anthropology: The Formation of the Pascua Pueblo Yaqui Reservation and Applied Anthropology in Southern Arizona”

Robert Briwa, Earth Sciences, Montana State University. “Exploring Mechanisms of State-Directed Heritage in Twentieth Century Montana”

Jennifer Dunn, History and Philosophy, Montana State University. “Superfunded: Recreating Nature in the Post-Industrial West, 1980–2017”

Allison Foster, Forest and Rangeland Stewardship, . “Effects of dispersal and recruitment limitations on the regeneration dynamics of the dominant tree species of the Colorado Rockies”

Sonia Grant, , . “Jurisdictions of oil & gas: Land, Place, and Extraction in New Mexico’s San Juan Basin”

Gwendwr Meredith, Environment and Society, Utah State University. “Cross-boundary collaboration in fire management: an examination of the Soda Fire”

Andrew Short, History, University College London. “Home Missions, Race, and Nation-Building in Late-Nineteenth Century American West”

Baligh Ben Taleb, History, University of Nebraska–Lincoln. “Reckoning with the Legacy of American Settler Colonialism: Treaty Claims and The Western Shoshone Quest for Justice”

Martha Wohlfeil, Ecology, University of California, Davis. “Potential mechanisms of within-season elevation movement of passerine species”

Will Wright, History and Philosophy, Montana State University–Bozeman. “Species Futures: What Gray Wolves, Giant Sequoias, and Monarch Butterflies Tell Us about Large Landscape Conservation”


Butler Young Scholar Award

Adam Brown, Political Science, 2018–2021


Visiting Fellows

Michael Boyden, English, Uppsala University

Vanja Jurkovic, English, University of Zagreb


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