2017 Award, Grant, and Fellowship Winners Announcement


2017 Charles Redd Center Award Recipients

Notification and instruction letters will be sent out to all applicants by May 1 with specifics.


Annaley Naegle Redd Assistantship

Riley Nelson, Biology, BYU. "Tiger Moths of the West"

Joseph Price, Economics, BYU. "The Role of the Family in Long-Run Economic Growth"


Annaley Naegle Redd Student Award in Women's History

Charnan Williams, History, University of Michigan. "Claiming Property: Enslaving Black Women and Female Children in Antebellum Los Angeles, California"


Charles Redd Fellowship Award in Western American History

Christine Bold, English and Theatre Studies, University of Guelph, "Princess Chinquilla and other "Vaudeville Indians" on stage and in film"

Sasha Coles, History, University of California, Santa Barbara, "Latter-Day Saints in the Marketplace: Commerce, Commodities, and the Politics of Historical Memory"

Mika Kennedy, English Language and Literature, University of Michigan, "Imagining Barbed Wire: The West and the War Relocation Authority's Cowboy Pioneers at Topaz"

Nathan Rees, Art, University of West Georgia, "Race and Space in Nineteenth-Century Mormon Art"

Brent Rogers, Joseph Smith Papers, "Buffalo Bill and the Mormons: Intersections of Two Pillars of the American West"

Amos Stailey-Young, Cinematic Arts, University of Iowa, "From Trailblazer to Traveler: Hollywood Westerns, Location Shooting, and the Tourist Gaze"


Independent Research and Creative Works Award

George Matthews "Billy the Kid, Thomas Catron and the Santa Fe Ring"

Kimberly Spurr "Timelapse Photography of Prehistoric Solar Observatories in Northern Arizona"


Interdisciplinary Grant

Michael Taylor, English, Brigham Young University; James Swensen, Art History, Brigham Young University; and Farina King, History, Northeastern State University "Returning Home: Student Creative Works of Intermountain Indian School."


John Topham and Susan Redd Butler BYU Faculty Award

Paul Adams, Design. "Vanishing Voices"

Daryl Lee, French and Italian. "French Appropriations of Mormon "Colonizers" in Le Far West"


John Topham and Susan Redd Butler Off-Campus Faculty Award

Sandra Mathews, History, Nebraska Wesleyan University. "Deception and Betrayal: Pueblo Indian Land Grants since 1689"

Barry McCarron, Irish and Irish-American Studies, New York University. "Conflict and Cooperation: The Irish and Chinese in the American West"

Joseph Taylor III, History, Simon Fraser University. "Follow the Money: A Spatial History of In-Lieu Payments for Western Federal Lands"

Jennifer Watt, Geography, University of Utah. "A record of Mountain Pine Beetle outbreaks at Phyllis Lake, Idaho located in a high-elevation Whitebark Pine forest of the Northern Rocky Mountains, USA"

Joe Weber, Geography, University of Alabama. "Investigating Nevada's Lost Arrowhead Trail Highway"


Public Programming Award

Antelope Island State Park "Visitor Center Displays"

BYU Museum of Peoples and Cultures "Pixels, Lasers, and Code: Digital Technologies Advancing Archaeological Discovery"

Nevada Humanities "In Nevada I Wish to Say"

New Mexico Museum of Art "Sombras del Pais (Shadows of the Country)"

Utah Museum of Fine Arts "Now West! programming in conjunction with the Museum's 2017-18 marquee exhibition Go West! Art of the American Frontier from the Buffalo Bill Center of the West"

Western Literature Association "Sweet Land, Mighty Waters: Myth and Storytelling West of the Mississippi"


Summer Award for BYU Upper Division and Graduate Students

Makani Fisher, Biology. "Metabolic Chemistry of Western North American Lichen Moths"

Stephanie Lambert, Anthropology. "Examining the Production and Exchange of Fremont Snake Valley Black-on-Gray Ceramics"

Spencer Lambert, Anthropology. "Exploring Butchering Strategies among the Fremont of Wolf Village Using Strontium Isotope Analysis"

Aaron Rhodes, Plant and Wildlife Sciences. "Monitoring Aspen Regeneration after Fire in Monroe Mountain"

Jeffrey Svedin, Plant and Wildlife Sciences. "High Tech Farmers: The Final Frontier of Water Conservation Research"

Tristan Torgersen, History. "Mormons in the Meadows: The Mormon Influence on the Growth of Las Vegas"


Summer Award for Off-Campus Upper Division and Graduate Students

Alan Clark, Religion, Claremont Graduate University. "Strangers in a Strange Land: A History of Pentecostalism in Utah"

Kerri Clement, History, University of Colorado - Boulder. "Game of Horsepower: Robert Yellowtail, Horses, and Power on the Crow Reservation from 1928 to 1945"

Katherine Clifford, Geography, University of Colorado. "Fugitive Dust: How Dust Escapes Science"

Katie Epstein, Geography, Montana State University. "The Amenity Transition and Wildlife Management in the Greater Yellowstone"

Mette Flynt, History, University of Oklahoma. "Reborn on Skis: Winter Recreation and the Transformation of the Wasatch Front, 1915-2002"

Rabecca Lausch, Biological Sciences, Northern Arizona University. "Gilded and Northern flicker hybridization in Arizona: using new methods to examine an old problem"

Patrick Lozar, History, University of Washington. "Behind and Beyond the Line: Indigenous Communities, International Borders, and Native Identities on the Columbia Plateau, 1850s-1920s"

Lindsie McCabe, Biological Sciences, Northern Arizona University. "As forest go do forest bees?"

Sydney Pullen, Anthropology, University of Arizona. "Informal Education and Rural Identity in Rodeo"

Julie Rakes, Life Sciences, Arizona State University. "Infectious Agent Characterization in Biological Soil Crusts"

Michaela Rife, Art History, University of Toronto. "King Coal and the Silver Queen: The Visual Culture of Resource Extraction in Progressive Era Colorado"

Amy Schott, Anthropology, University of Arizona. "Suitability of soils in wind-deposited landscapes of Northeastern Arizona for long-term prehistoric agriculture"

Caroline Tracey, Geography, University of California. "Neighbor is a Verb: Ranchers, the Military, and Conservation in Southeastern Colorado"

Frank Whitehead, History, University of Arizona. "'The Two are Pardners': Rodeo Cowboys, Their Horses, and a Distinctly Western Relationship"

Samantha Williams, History, University of California. "'That was our home, and it needs to be remembered': Erasing and Reclaiming the History of the Stewart Indian School"

Anthony Wood, History and Philosophy, Montana State University. "Race, Ruination, and Exodus: Understanding the Impact of 1917 on Montana's Black Community"


Visiting Scholars


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