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Brian Q. Cannon To Be Determined
Amy Carlin
 Director  Associate Director
 Office Specialist


Thomas G. Alexander, History, Emeritus, BYU
James B. Allen, History, Emeritus, BYU
Val Anderson, Integrative Biology, BYU
Lyn Ellen Bennett, History, Utah Valley University
Jay Buckley, History, BYU
John E. Butler, Ithaca, New York
Dennis Cutchins, English, BYU
Jessie Embry, Redd Center, Emeritus, BYU
Edward A. Geary, English, Emeritus, BYU
Sarah George, Utah Museum of Natural History
P. Jane Hafen, English, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Quin Monson, Political Science, BYU
Kathy Redd Mullins, Solvang, CA
John L. Murphy, L. Tom Perry Special Collections, BYU
Jeff Nichols, History, Westminster College
Paul Starrs, Geography, University of Nevada, Reno
Carol Ward, Sociology, BYU