The Redd Center encourages the research and teaching of the American West by providing a community for faculty members and students studying the Intermountain West. It also offers a Western American Studies minor for students interested in learning more about the Intermountain West and provides grants to continually research the area in a number of different fields.

The Butler Young Scholar Award in Western Studies - The Butler Young Scholar Award in Western Studies has been created to promote significant scholarship in western American studies by junior faculty members. The award acknowledges outstanding academic promise, based upon a faculty member's record of research, teaching and citizenship.

The Oral History Program - To accomplish Charles Redd’s goal to preserve the stories of western pioneers, the directors and board started an oral history program which has become the major collection arm of the Center.
The tapes and transcripts for Redd Center oral histories are housed in the L. Tom Perry Special Collections of the Harold B. Lee Library at BYU. They can be accessed through Special Collections. Please click here​ to visit our oral histories on their website. For information, contact Special Collections.

The Visiting Scholar Program - Visiting Scholars enjoy the luxury of time away from heavy teaching loads and other responsibilities so that they can focus almost exclusively on their research and writing. Visiting Scholars fully participate in the intellectual life of the Center and the University.

The Visiting Lecturer Program - The Charles Redd Center will provide funds for BYU departments to bring visiting lecturers in western studies to BYU. 

Western American Studies Minor - In 1997 the Charles Redd Center developed a western studies minor to promote the study of the West at BYU. The minor is currently administered by the American Studies Program and the College of Humanities Advisement Center. The Redd Center works with the American Studies Program with internships and other programs.

K-12 History in the West Education Plans - The Western History Association and the Charles Redd Center are sponsoring four K-12 Teaching Awards that will enable awardees to attend the Western History Association Annual Meeting. Award Recipients will be asked to present a part of their lesson at the conference to other teachers. All applicants for the award will be sent a written release that allows the Western History Association and the Charles Redd Center to post your lesson on their websites and to possibly include your lessons in other publications. Your work will remain your own and you will be given appropriate citation and credit in any digital or print reproductions of your work.

Field Studies: Integrated Natural History of Utah - The Redd Center provides funding and faculty support for an interdisciplinary field study course at BYU, Integrated Natural History of Utah. During the field study, students and professors explore five specific environments in Utah, each of which contains a mountain, a river, and a community. They explore these areas in an interdisciplinary manner, viewing human and natural history as one subject. they observe how human acts have influenced the environment and how the environment affects human history. This slide show highlights elements of this innovative course. Click here to view slide show.