Paul Reeve
January 27
Paul Reeve 2.jpg


Richard Francaviglia
November 5
Richard Francaviglia.jpg

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Sarah Fox
October 29
Sarah Fox.jpg

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Michel Hogue
October 15
Michel Hogue.jpg

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Peter Nabakov
October 1
Peter Nabokov.jpeg

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Peter Goin
September 17
Peter Goin.png
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George Annandale
September 10
George Annandale.jpg
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Major Howard Egan Symposium
June 12
Major Howard Egan.jpg

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Daniel Beard
April 3
Dan Beard.jpg

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27th Semi-Annual John Tanner Distinguished Lecture
Dr. Steven C. Armstrup
March 26
John Tanner Lecture Bean Museum.jpg
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Clarence Dixon Taylor Lecture
D. Robert Carter
March 12
D. Robert Carter.png

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Annaley Naegle Redd Lecture
Jon T. Coleman
February 26
Jon Coleman.jpg

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Daniel Herman
November 6
Daniel Herman.png
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Ari Kelman
October 20
Ari Kelman.png
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Ellen Gruber Garvey
September 11
Gruber Garvey.jpg

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Fred Provenza

March 20
Fred Provenza.png

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Jared Farmer
Clarence Dixon Taylor Lecture
February 20
Jared Farmer.png
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Anne Hyde
Annaley Naegle Redd Lecture
January 28

Anne Hyde.png
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Loren O. Joseph
"What You Can Believe, You Can Achieve"
November 21
Loren Joseph Flyer.jpgLoren Joseph Bio.jpg

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Jared Tamez
"Identity and the Mesa, Arizona, Lamanite Conventions
and Temple Excursions in the 1940s"
November 7
Jared Tamez.jpg
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Steve Siporin
Utah State University
"A Bear and a Bandit: What a Legendary Utah Grizzly and an Italian Brigand Have in Common"
November 6

No video available

Paul C. Gutjahr
Indiana University
"Four Pivotal Moments in Publishing the Book of Mormon"
October 24
Paul Gutjahr.jpg
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John J. Valadez
"Screening and Discussion of the Documentary Film War and Peace"
October 17
John Valadez small.jpg
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Mark Fiege
Colorado State University
"Writing The Republic of Nature and Rethinking American Environmental History"
October 4
Mark Fiege small.jpg

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Michael A. Amundson
Northern Arizona University
"Passage to Wonderland: Re-Photographing Yellowstone Park"
September 18
Michael Amundson small.jpg
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P. Jane Hafen

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
"'The Grace and Edurance of Native Women': Louise Erdich's Tribal Community"
April 12

Claudia Bushman
Colombia University
"Recording the Present for the Future"
March 29
Claudia Bushman small.jpg
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Stephen Aron
"A History of the American West in the Twilight Zone"
Annaley Naegle Redd lecture
March 20
Grisell Ortega
"Farmers, Utopians, and Saints: American Colonies South of the Border, 1885-1912"

Erin Thomas

"Coal in Our Veins: A Personal Journey"
March 1​
Erin Thomas.JPG
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Thomas Mould
"Personal Revelation In and Beyond the Intermountain West"
November 14

Edouardo Zendejas
"Edouardo Zendejas: A Product of the LDS Indian Placement Program"
November 9
Edouardo Zendejas.jpg
Recording unavailable

Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum
The Lytle Ranch Preserve panel presentation and discussion
November 8
Lytle Ranch Preserve.jpg
Recording unavailable

John Turner
"A Tale of Two Brighams"
September 13

Richard Francaviglia
"Go East, Young Man: Imagining the American West as the Orient"
March 29​

Mari​a Montoya
"Work, Women, and Wobblies: The IWW Strikes in Colorado's Coal Fields, 1927"
February 16​

2011 ​

Newell G. Bringhurst and Craig L. Foster
"The Mormon Quest for the Presidency 1844-2008: Historical Perspectives"
November 30
Mormon Presidency.png
Recording unavailable

Mark Harvey
"Bernard DeVoto's American West: Frontier, Region, and Crucible of the Nation​"
November 10
Bernard DeVoto.png
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Greg Mac Gregor and Siegfried Halus
"In Search of Dominguez & Escalante: Photographing the 1776 Spanish Expedition through the Southwest"
October 20

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Gilbert G. Gonzalez
"Harvest of Loneliness" film screening
September 29 
John R. Wunder
"Law and Indigenous Treaties: Respecting the Continuing Legacy of the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868"
February 24

Patrick Mason
"Southern Anti-Mormon Violence and Post-Civil War Reconciliation"
February 17

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Michon Mackedon
"Bombast: Spinning Atoms in the Desert"
January 27

Brenn Hill
"Songwriting Today's West"
September 2

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Ronald Walker
"Brigham Young as 'Hero'"
March 30

Recording unavailable

Virginia Scharff
"Home Lands: How Women Made the West"
March 25

Recording unavailable

Thomas G. Andrews
"Killing for Coal: America's Deadliest Labor War"
February 8

Recording unavailable


James M. Aton
"The River Knows Everything: Desolation Canyon and the Green"
October 21

Recording unavailable

Jacqueline Johnson-Pata
"Native American Policy and the Status of Native American"
March 27

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P. Jane Hafen
"Zitkala-Sa: A Life Working for the Indian Cause"
March 25

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Ericka Marie Bsumek
"Indian Made: Navajo Culture in the Marketplace, 1868-1940"
February 26

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Ignacio Garcia
"A Class Apart"
February 19

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Jared Farmer
"On Zion's Mount: Mormons, Indians, and the American Landscape"
April 10

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Clyde Milner

"A Big Western Life: The Challenging Biography of Granville Stuart"
March 21

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Jessie L. Embry
"Redd Ranches Bull Sales, 1960s: The Livestock Industry as a Western American Business"
February 20

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