The Western American Studies Minor and the Redd Center

In 1997 the Charles Redd Center developed a western studies minor to promote the study of the West at BYU. The minor is currently administered by the American Studies Program and the College of Humanities Advisement Center. The Redd Center works with the American Studies Program with internships and other programs.

Why declare a Western American Studies Minor?

As undergraduates, students focus on one discipline. In the "real world," however, research often crosses those artificial discipline boundaries. This minor gives a case study of many ways to study the American West. Those interested in graduate studies or jobs relating to the West will find the cross-disciplinary approach helpful. Those interested in other regional studies can learn the techniques for the region in which they currently reside.

​Program Requirements 

  1. Complete the following:
      AM ST 300 : Literature and Cultures of the American West.
  2. Complete one course from three of the following four clusters:
      Natural Environment
        GEOL 101 : Introduction to Geology.
        PWS 150 : Environmental Biology.
        PWS 215 : Principles of Range Management.
        PWS 225 : Principles of Wildlife and Fisheries Management.
      Human Heritage
        HIST 360 : American West to 1900.
        HIST 361 : The American West Since 1900.
      Social Environment
        ANTHR 345 : American Culture.
        ANTHR 346 : Anthropology of Mormonism.
        ANTHR 350 : Archaeological Cultures of North America.
        ECON 274 : American Economic History.
        SOC 327 : Sociology of the LDS Church and Its People.
      Arts and Literature
        ENGL 368 : Literature of the Latter-day Saints.
        ENGL 392 : American Folklore.
        SPAN 365 : Mexican-American Culture.
  3. Complete additional elective courses to make a total of 18 hours. Electives may be chosen from the courses listed above that have not been used, from the additional courses listed below, or from topical courses on Western themes offered through academic departments or the Honors Program.
      AM ST 390R : Topics in American Studies.
        (western topics only)
      AM ST 399R : Academic Internship.
        (up to 6 hours with director's approval)
      ANTHR 317 : Native Peoples of North America.
      ANTHR 530 : Great Basin Archaeology.
      ANTHR 535 : Southwest Seminar.
      ARTHC 345 : American Art.
      GEOG 245 : Geography of Utah.
      GEOG 250 : United States and Canada.
      GEOG 306 : Public Land Conservation.
      HIST 363 : The Spanish Frontier in North America.
      HIST 364 : Utah.
      HIST 382 : Mormonism in the American Experience.
      HIST 385 : Latinos in the United States.
      HIST 386 : Nineteenth-Century American Indian History.
      HIST 387 : Twentieth-Century American Indian History.
      PL SC 317 : Public Opinion and Voting Behavior.
      PWS 375 : Environmental Policies and Laws.
      PWS 411 : Watershed Management.
      REL C 342 : Pioneers and Persecution, 1846-1899.
      REL C 343 : The Global Church, 1900 to the Present.
      SPAN 461 : Spanish-Speaking American (Mexican-American) Literature.

*Hours include courses that may fulfill university core requirements.

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