Clarence Dixon Taylor Historical Research

Since 1865, the Taylor and Dixon families have contributed to the economic development of Provo and Central Utah. Clarence Dixon Taylor, a representative of these families, through a life of diligence and frugality, has made possible the establishment of an endowment in memory of his father and mother, to foster and encourage research on Provo and Utah County history and economic development, including individuals, families, and institutions. With qualifications, this research could include Utah, Carbon, and Wasatch Counties. All nominations can encompass theses, books, papers, monographs, articles, symposiums, dramatic presentations, lectures, etc. and may be accepted from students and faculty of Brigham Young University or other institutions or other recognized scholars. Awards shall be allowed for only completed works and not for travel, living, or any other ongoing expense, and they shall be up to a maximum of $2,500 for major achievements.

Required contents of complete Nomination Packet
1) Application or nomination letter documenting the impact of the work and specifying how it promotes understanding of the history or economic development of Utah, Wasatch and Carbon Counties
2) Supporting documentation, such as copies of theses or publications, published reviews of books or presentations, symposia programs, and copies of symposia papers and/or scripts or video recordings of presentations
Deadline for applications: March 15
Announcement of award: May 1